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Science: to Apply the Knowledge

IIVS operates a GLP compliant facility with extensive technical capabilities. We perform standard testing services for customers as well as optimizing and validating new alternative assays. Our scientific staff provide guidance for customers who want to better understand the current in vitro methods and their application. Training and consultation are also provided in the areas of validation, compliance and auditing.

Standard Testing Services include:

Ocular Irritation Assays
Bovine corneal opacity and permeability (BCOP) assay
Histopathology services to evaluate changes in treated corneas
Specialized eye irritation protocols utilizing human 3-D tissue constructs
Neutral red uptake assay in normal human keratinocytes
Cytosensor™ microphysiometer assay
Transepithelial passage (TEP) in various cell monolayers (e.g. MDCK or tissue systems)
Cytotoxicity Assays
Phototoxicity assay using 3T3 cells (OECD TG 432)
Phototoxicity assay using human 3-D skin constructs
Neutral red update in normal human epidermal keratinocytes (Primarily used as a systemic toxicity evaluation for estimating human lethal serum concentrations)
Neutral red uptake in Balb/c 3T3 cells (Recently validated for estimating starting doses for rodent oral acute systemic toxicity)
MEM elution and agar overlay (USP 87, Biological Reactivity Tests In Vitro)
Dermal Irritation, Corrosivity, and Sensitization Assays
Specialized dermal irritation protocols utilizing human 3-D skin constructs
Skin irritation test (SIT) for R38 prediction (OECD TG 439)
Viability and cytokine induction
Skin corrosivity assay (OECD TG 431)
CORROSITEX™, used to determine US Department of Transport packing groups (OECD TG 435)
KeratinoSens Assay for Identifying Skin Sensitizers
Percutaneous Absorption
In vitro Skin Absorption studies using human donor skin, pig skin or human 3-D skin constructs (OECD TG 428)