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KeratinoSens Assay for Identifying Skin Sensitizers Applications

Sensitization Potential

The KeratinoSens assay can be used to assess sensitization potential of test materials. In addition, an EC1.5 value, or concentration in which the induction occurs above the 1.5 threshold, is determined.

Cytotoxicity Determination

An IC50 value, or the concentration in which viability of the cells is decreased by 50%, is also determined for each test material. Cytotoxicity is assessed using the MTT assay endpoint.


IIVS was one of five laboratories that participated in the KeratinoSens ring trial, led by Givaudan. The results of this ring trial have been published, and its success has propelled this assay for ECVAM review.

Plates dosed for the KeratinoSens assay